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Honoring A Memory

Remembrance Programs sponsored by Detroit Memorial Park

The following programs are available at our Park. Your counselor can provide additional information or, descriptive brochures are available for most programs upon request.

  • Floral Remembrance...
    Our park will plant and maintain real flowers at a loved one’s grave each year. Endowment payment plans are available.
    We offer Artificial floral arrangements each year for your convenience. These arrangements can be placed at a loved one’s grave, crypt, or niche
  • Winter Grave Decorations...
    Our annual Winter Grave Decoration Program allows you to choose from a variety of Grave Blankets, Wreaths, and Bouquets to place at your loved ones grave or crypt. Endowment payment plans are available.

Interested in ordering Flowers from our Aftercare program?

Please call our offices or contact Detroit Memorial Park for more information.

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